The Most-Watched YouTube Videos of the Past Year

Did you know? I currently have more than 50 videos on my YouTube channel!

I thought it would be interesting to share with you the most-watched videos from each of my monthly topics. From assessments to supervisor/employee relationships, I’ve covered a variety of topics to help support executives while they solve problems, develop leadership skills, and increase balance in their lives.

Below are topics from the past year and the video in that series that was most popular!

Topic: Energy

Video:  Two Ways to Increase Energy Immediately!

Topic: Generation Gaps in the Workplace

Video: Who is Generation Jones?

Topic: Assessments

Video: What is a 360 degree assessment and what is its benefit to an organization?

Topic: Management

Video: What Mistakes to Managers Make When Criticizing Employees?

Topic: Career Matching

Video: Can a person be well matched in a job but still feel stressed and inadequate?

Topic: Supervising

Video: Why are managers satisfied with mediocry when it comes to supervision?

Topic: Employee/boss relationship

Video: Why is the supervisor/employee relationship a problem in so many cases?

Topic: Self-Management

Video: What are some simple things people can do to increase their self-management skills?

Topic: Coaching

Video: A coach wears may different hats throughout the coaching engagement. What are those hats?

Topic: Getting to know Sylvia

Video: How does an executive coach differ from a business coach?

Which video did you find valuable? Why?

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