Helping New Managers Train for Success

A promotion to a management position is a valuable opportunity to gain prestige, visibility and a higher salary. Yet, this promotion is often the result of long term service to a company and historical job knowledge, not because of real-life management experience. New managers are left to rely upon their common sense and gut instinct or to simply learn as they go. This current model promotes frustration and dysfunction within a company, not success.

If any of this sounds familiar to you, you are not alone.

To combat this lack of new management training, Launching Lives’ Founder and Owner, Sylvia Helper will soon launch a new product specifically aimed toward assisting individuals in learning the essential skills needed to function as a manager. Launching Leaders With Sylvia: 5 Essentials for First Time Managers is designed to address the challenges and uncertainties experienced by individuals in new management positions. This product features instruction around the five essential aspects of management including: mindset toward management, time management, professional image, supervision and building trust.

Referred to as “The Manager’s Coach,” Sylvia Hepler is an industry-recognized expert in the field of management and leadership training and coaching. Her background in management provides her with the insight needed to develop a management training product of the highest function and value. In designing this product, Sylvia knew it needed to be something compact, to the point and accessible whether you were at home, in the office or on the road. And that’s exactly what 5 Essentials for First Time Managers delivers. This single kit combines hours of reading books and attending seminars into just five disks which can be listened to anywhere you are.

“When I was first promoted to a management position, I read books and attended seminars, but these resources didn’t boil down the essential content in the succinct, cut to the chase, sort of way I craved,” said Sylvia Hepler, President of Launching Lives, LLC. “I developed 5 Essentials for First Time Managers as the product I wish I would have had and as a way to give new managers the information they need—clearly, simply and fast.”

This product is ideal for new managers who wish to create a working professional image, enhance supervisory skills, combat low productivity and disorganization and develop loyalty and trust with employees. 5 Essentials for First Time Managers will officially launch in the coming weeks where it will then be made available for purchase from the Launching Lives web site or from Amazon.

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