7 Tips to Bring Positive Energy into Your Life

Nancy Stampahar

This week, we wrap up our series on energy. Do you know the one thing we need to release in order to boost our energy? It’s giving up the notion that we can do it all! Click here to discover more about this. It’s critical that we eliminate the multitude of things that zap our energy. Nancy Stampahar of Silver Lining Solutions offers insight for bringing positive energy into our life and learning to say ‘no’ once and for all!

Do you need more positive energy in your life? By learning how to occasionally say “no” and treating each other with respect, you can take control of the demands at work and home you are facing.   You must learn how to not fret over your own feelings of guilt, fears of rejection or possible repercussions.  You can still be helpful and considerate of others, but you must take care of yourself first. Before you respond to someone, ask yourself, “What would make me most happy and fulfilled?”  Once you develop assertive communication skills, you will be able to effectively handle difficult people and awkward situations.
7 Tips to Say “No” and Assert Yourself Today

  1. Become self-aware of your communication and behavior patterns.  What is consistently happening in your life? How do these patterns affect you?
  2. Evaluate the reasons you feel the need to please or control everyone.
  3. Realize the goal of assertive communication is to express your thoughts and boundaries while being direct, honest and respectful of others.
  4. Realize it is necessary and okay to say “no” sometimes and to ask questions.
  5. Example for Anyone: “I see why this is important to you.  I am unable to help this time.  Let’s try to figure out some other possible solutions that could work.”
  6. Example for Boss: “This is what is on my plate right now.  Which one of these priorities would you prefer I remove to accommodate your request?”
  7. Example for Anyone: “I’d love to join you but my schedule is already full that week.  Please keep me in mind the next time. Have fun.”

If you do not address your own unique needs, your frustrations will build, you will feel taken for granted and your performances and relationships will suffer. As Dr. Phil says, “We teach people how to treat us.” It is up to you to face the fears and guilt you carry from your disease to please. Find your courage to change and grow.  When you stop feeling guilty and seeking approval of others, your days will be fueled by positive energy, confidence and self-respect.  You will feel empowered and in control of your life because you utilized your power of choice. You hold the power.  Enjoy the season and assert yourself today!

Source: Nancy Stampahar’s energetic, engaging personality and work initiatives are packed with real-life “how-to’s” and solutions that help you succeed at both work and home. A skilled consultant and the award-winning author of Peace, Love, and Lemonade: A Recipe to Make Your Life Sweeter, Nancy’s heartfelt words, expertise and enthusiasm will ignite your power within to succeed, and her famed “Silver Lining Solutions” will have you making lemonade out of lemons in no time at all! Visit: www.silverliningsolutions.tv

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