My name is Amanda… and I am a Millennial!

The following is a guest blog from Amanda Harrison. For more information about Millennials, you can preview videos on my YouTube channel.

My name is Amanda… and I am a Millennial!

I sound proud to say that… but that wasn’t always the case. As a female and as a mother from the Millennial group, I’ve had to break down preconceived notions about who I am. There are those who assumed that I had a poor work ethic. And there are others who assume that because I am a mother, that I cannot do my job as well as someone without children.

We all make decisions on our lives – some good and some bad. What’s essential is that we take responsibility for all of these decisions and work to overcome the notion that a ‘bad decision’ is a reflection of us. Rather, I think poor decisions are learning experiences and they make us who we are: human. Even more important, that we become better people because of our life experiences.

There are some that assumed that because I had children at a young age, that I would never amount to anything — that I would never achieve what I originally intended with my life.

But they were wrong.

I graduated both high school and college with honors – all while working and raising a family. And I now have a rewarding career in the marketing field.

There are times when I’ve been tight-lipped about the fact that I’m a mother. I wanted to be viewed as a smart, strong, independent woman. I want people to see me as someone who will get the job done well, someone who others can depend on, and someone who goes above and beyond.  I only need to be encouraged and accepted, not discounted.

I have excelled in life because I have a passion for what I do. And I hope to be living proof that just because someone may misstep, does not mean they fall from their path.

As a Millennial, I know what I am capable of and I have seen what others are capable of. Generation Y works differently than any other generation. We are strong-willed and we think outside the box. We know how to take a project and run with it. We wish to be part of a greater whole.

My name is Amanda… and I am a PROUD Millennial!

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