Self-Awareness is the First Step to Inspiring Others to Greatness

If someone had to describe your level of professionalism and business behavior– right now – what would they say? I want you to think about that for a minute…

Are you considering a few things you might like to change? Perhaps you aren’t sure how others would view you, but you know how you would describe yourself. I am asking you to think about this because awareness is the first step to having a positive effect on others.

In this video clip, I answer the question, “If managers only did one thing that could inspire their staff to greatness, what would you say that one thing should be?”

You’ll need to start by paying attention to your professional image.  If you are wearing jeans to work and showing up late, you are projecting an image of your business that professionalism is not a high standard for you and thus should also not be a high standard of your employees. You must model exemplary behavior in order for those actions to be reciprocated.

Your professional image extends beyond clothing. You should be projecting a persona that you would want others to repeat. Think about the amount of confidence you have in both in your work and also with your relationships with clients and colleagues. Do you respect other people? And, do they respect you?

What about conflict? Do you have enough emotional intelligence to handle conflict without taking things personally or overreacting?

Also, do you have a passion for what you do or are you stuck in a rut? If you’re in a rut, you will not inspire anyone. Re-evaluate what you are doing and learn to find the enthusiasm you once had for your business.   As they say, “do what you do best and delegate the rest.”

Being aware of your behavior is critical. How you act and react not only affects you, but also the people around you. To be an inspiration, you have to do and be more than just average. You must have a professional image, be respected – and even liked – by your colleagues, make decisions and handle conflict appropriately and have a strong passion for your work.  I urge you to evaluate yourself first and foremost. Would you model your own behavior? Do you inspire yourself? Once you can answer these questions positively, you are ready to take the reins and inspire others.

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