STOP Doing These 7 Things in 2016

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Most people agree that life is complex and demanding today, even when we are on top of our game and circumstances are ideal.  The level of complexity and frustration increases whenever ineffective, defeating behaviors enter the picture.  Do you see yourself in one or two of the following?

Complaining. When things don’t go your way, do you moan about it?  When you have too much work on your plate, do you grumble?

Agreeing with everybody about everything. When you strive to be nice all the time (no matter what waves ought to be made), you may not be taken seriously.  People doubt your truthfulness.

Procrastinating. Have you stared at the same three tasks on your “to do” list for a month now?  Did you tell somebody last week that you’d get back to them with an answer and you still haven’t done it?

Making promises you can’t keep. To avoid disappointing folks you may promise the moon, only to discover that you can’t deliver.  This damages your professional reputation.

Trusting blindly. Do you assume your star employee knows how to do everybody else’s job?  Do you believe your absentee boss has your back?

Ignoring the bigger picture. You may think you are an exceptional performer by doing great work and meeting all deadlines.  But if you don’t understand how your slice of the pie fits in with the company mission, you probably won’t go far.

Failing to take time off. Are you chronically fatigued, fed up, sick, or burned out?  Studies show that the majority of Americans need to keep closer track of their paid leave time and use it.

Here’s the bottom line:  The things you need to stop doing—as long as you keep doing them—cost money, relationships, health, and time.

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