The Hidden Riches in Risk-Taking at Work

I’ve had a great deal of practice taking risks throughout the past thirty-five years. I’ve done it in my personal and professional life often. Here’s what I’ve discovered: While taking risks may not be easy for you or me, doing it over and over develops us and bumps us to a higher level of being and performing. Every single time. On April 21, 20free webinar15 at 3:00 PM EDT I am offering a FREE one hour WEBINAR (computer event) that explores risk-taking at work. I decided to be brave and shine the light on this topic for a number of reasons: We stymie our careers when we choose not to take risks; we model a mindset of fear to folks who are watching; some very important things never happen because we hang back. Last but not least—my new book hitting Amazon and Kindle at the end of March includes an entire chapter about the value in taking risks. I’m going to share a few priceless nuggets from that chapter with YOU.

During this webinar, I’ll be all fired up to:

  • Define risk as it relates to the workplace.
  • Identify 5 reasons why people fear risk-taking in the first place.
  • Discuss 3 specific areas in which professionals may need or desire to take risks.
  • Describe some significant career benefits to risk-taking in those areas.
  • Answer your questions about how to incorporate risk-taking into your unique situation and circumstances.

Please register for this event if:

  • You know you shy away from taking necessary or desired risks in your current job or overall career.
  • You hold negative beliefs about risk.
  • You’re not clear about the kinds of risks you could consider taking.
  • You’ve taken a few risks in the past and didn’t get the outcome you wanted.
  • Other people have told you, directly or indirectly, that risk-taking is a bad idea.
  • You feel ready to take a particular risk but don’t know where or how to start.
  • You aren’t sure if risk-taking at work is worth the effort.

By the end of the webinar, I promise that you will be more prepared to take necessary and desired risks at work. If you can’t participate “live” on April 21st at 3:00 PM EDT, Launching Lives will send you a recording.

CLICK HERE for more details and to register.

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