Rescue From Burnout: 7 Life and Career Saving Strategies

career burnoutOverworked, unappreciated, victimized, or detached?   Maybe it’s time to pause and take stock. Don’t let the monster called burnout claim your life and career. The price is too high. Consider the following strategies to recharge:

Acknowledge and respond to your needs.

Conduct regular mini check-ins with yourself throughout the day. Connect with your personal feelings and needs before making commitments, initiating conversations, and participating in meetings. Avoid falling into the people pleasing trap at your own expense.

Ask for help.

When you don’t know how to do something, seek guidance from someone who does. When you’re running out of steam, delegate certain tasks to people you trust. Contrary to popular belief, asking for help demonstrates keen self awareness and strength.

Develop a support system.

Social interactions with folks you respect and love are the best inoculation against physical and psychological bankruptcy. While you may want to crawl into a hole, pick up the phone. Invite a friend to dinner, book a bike ride, solicit input to your latest nagging problem. Believe me: The world looks different afterwards.

Choose positive emotions.

Expand your knowledge of positive emotions, then allow yourself to feast on them. Instead of aiming to feel good, take steps that position you to feel accepted, assertive, calm, confident, empowered, influential, mindful, satisfied, sustained, prepared, present, and valued.

Schedule breathing time.

Get up earlier in the morning to enjoy a leisurely cup of coffee while reading a book. Make lunch a priority. Take a walk around the block in the middle of the afternoon. Shut your office door and day dream. Doodle. Stretch. Yawn. For five minutes simply relax.

Align with your values.

Engaging in behaviors that don’t align with your core intrinsic values invites frustration and exhaustion. Working a job that dishonors or diminishes what you hold most dear is usually a recipe for disaster. Know your values, and look for ways to live them hour by hour.

Celebrate wins.

You may be quick to recognize your mistakes and failures, but you are wise to identify and celebrate the successes—even the small ones. At the end of each week do a mental review of all of your accomplishments. Such a practice nourishes the spirit.

Remember: You are responsible for how your job affects you. You may assume it’s about everybody else. I’m here to tell you it’s not. Today make a conscious decision to light your fire. With the exception of a few dreadful situations, this is entirely possible. For more information, watch this short video on the topic.

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