Voice Options: When to Use Them and Why

The voice you use matters—every time you speak. Further, voice includes the package of Leadershipwords, tone, pitch, volume, and speed. All must align to communicate the message you intend. Sounds like a science, doesn’t it? On a very basic level my feature article below may help to demystify some of this for you. Take a look.

For premium results at work, try expanding your repertoire of leadership voices. Stop relying on two or three that are familiar. As I’ve reflected on this topic during the last several months, I actually identified sixteen different voices! In this article I want to discuss five:

Motivating and inspiring voice. This voice, ideal for introducing new projects and directional change, drives the bus of success. It moves people to do great things for their companies and careers. Stimulating and uplifting, it lights the fires of possibility.

Persuasive voice. Sensible and restrained, this voice has the power to influence ideas, decisions, behaviors, and actions. It’s appropriate for convincing people to believe what you believe, see what you see, and do what you want them to do. When applied well, it can move mountains.

Confrontational voice. This voice can be used when someone has done something wrong, expresses a view you do not share, or is perched to make a mistake. Assertive yet calm and free of hostility, it shows that you aren’t afraid to take a stand.

Authoritative voice. Deliberate, steady, and sure, this voice serves best when you must give directions, provide instructions, and issue expectations. Employees know you mean business and usually deliver. But don’t overdo; use it selectively.

Empathetic voice. This voice, emotionally driven, comes from the heart. Supportive and gentle, it demonstrates genuine interest in and concern for people’s struggles, long hours, curve balls, and losses.

Believe me: You can build a solid leadership platform with your voice.

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