5 Essential Management Competencies

how to be a good managerFeeling like something isn’t going well in your daily efforts to manage your organization? Maybe you don’t have enough of one or more of these essential management competencies. If that’s the case, you’re blocking your road to success. Further, you can bet this issue is holding back company growth too.

Let’s take a look at some core competencies that can make or break your career.


If you allow yourself to continue to put up with “B” and “C” team players, you are settling for second and third best. Why? Is it because shedding those mediocre folks and hiring top notch employees requires more effort than you want to expend? How many “A” players do you have now? If 90% of your staff isn’t composed of “A” players, you’ve got a big problem. If you choose to ignore this, the fallout reflects on YOU.


Integrity is about who you are at the core. It’s not something you can fake, but it is something you can develop. How often do you engage in gossip, tell lies, break promises, push boundaries, and breach confidences? Doing even one of these diminishes your personal integrity. Having shining integrity is truly priceless. Avoid compromises in this area.


You are adaptable if you can take any set of circumstances and deal with them appropriately. While you’re aware of your feelings and preferences, you don’t let them hold you back from doing whatever is necessary. Adaptability takes flexibility and trust in yourself. It means you can embrace complexity and challenge rather than resist them.


One of your primary responsibilities as a manager is to build high functioning teams, not silos. If you fear the power of a team, you are insecure in yourself. A secure manager works to empower others in appropriate ways, creating a win-win situation. Know that personal and departmental narcissism is obsolete. If this is where you’re stuck, maybe management isn’t for you.


To be likeable, you have to shed any trace of arrogance, narcissism, ego, superiority, sarcasm, mockery, and demonstrations of a condescending attitude. Yes, all of them need to go into the trash can. If people seem to pull away from you, even sometimes, scrutinize your approach with them. Is your behavior drawing them towards you? Or do you exude vibes that tell others you find them unworthy of your attention, time, and investment?

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