5 Leadership Weaknesses

How to be a leaderEvery leader has a glaring weakness.  It’s just a matter of what it is and how big it is.  Every weakness has consequences too.  The question is this:  Can you afford them?  Wise leaders recognize their weaknesses and identify the impact upon individuals, teams, work flow, culture, service delivery, sales, and profits.  Wise leaders don’t stop there.  They choose to do something to close their leadership gap(s).

Micromanaging employees. If you’re doing this, you probably have control issues.  Breathing down your staff’s necks sends the message that you don’t trust them to do their jobs to your satisfaction—on time.

Failing to see reality. When you refuse to look at people and situations through a clear lens, you don’t see things for what they are.  A rosy colored glasses approach to leadership sets you up for missing important truths such as an employee’s character flaws, a shrinking funding stream, a ruined project.

Perfectionism. Trying to be perfect bogs down processes and progress.  It can also make your staff feel inadequate no matter what they do.  Trade your tedious perfectionistic tendencies for a desire for consistent excellence.

Lacking emotional intelligence. If you can’t manage your feelings, you’re likely to alienate a lot of people.  If you can’t read a room, you’re going to draw wrong conclusions about what is really taking place during meetings.  Today emotional intelligence count s as much as any of the hard skills.  In leadership you must demonstrate both.

Resisting change. We live in a volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous world.  As a leader, you cannot keep on doing your job like you did it even five years ago.  Change is the new name of the game.  You must be able to walk without falling on a moving floor.  If you resist change, you aren’t providing the type of leadership people need today.

Never forget that leadership weaknesses, while we all have them, stick pins in your credibility balloon.  It’s your obligation to face them directly and take action to minimize or eradicate them.

Whatever your particular leadership weakness, you can move beyond it– or at least diminish its power.  While you may know this intellectually, you may not know what steps to take.  That’s where I come into the picture.  By May 31, I promise to hop on the phone with three executives or managers to provide the specific guidance you need.  To schedule your FREE 30 minute session with me, send an email request to:  Sylvia@launchinglives.biz today.  Be sure to reference this blog.  The sooner you receive direction about how to weaken your weakness, the sooner you and everybody around you benefits. 


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