Headhunters are Not Coaches: Executive, Career Coach Sets the Record Straight

career coachThere’s a lot of moving pieces to navigating a career. Whether you’re looking to move up, transition or just gain some confidence, there are some important things to consider on your journey.  I plan to cover some of them here. 

The benefits of hiring an executive or career coach

When clients hire me to benefit from my executive coaching services, they walk away from each and every session with viable strategies—and language—for organizing their days to maximize productivity, inspiring staff to exceed expectations, leveraging personal influence with peers and bosses, and boosting their self-confidence.

When clients hire me to help them jump ship, they exit the coaching engagement fully prepared and positioned to seek and land the next professional opportunity that is best for them at this point in their lives and careers.  Sometimes clients actually secure their next job before the coaching engagement ends.  When that happens, we continue working together to help facilitate a smooth transition.  In all situations clients hire me for my knowledge, individualized focus, system for moving them forward, and ongoing accountability.  It is that combination that allows each person to achieve success.

Common coaching inquiries

Executives and managers come to me for two main reasons:

a) They need/want to stand taller in their current leadership roles

b) They have decided to jump ship for new professional opportunities

In the first, they usually are experiencing difficulty with supervising employees, getting the bottom line results they need, being taken seriously in their role, initiating necessary but tricky conversations, managing their time, and achieving some greater work/life balance.

Career CoachOver the years I’ve discovered that lack of confidence impacts most or all of these areas.  Regarding the second reason people inquire about my services, they frequently don’t know how to conduct a credible job/career search that leads to success as they define it.  They don’t know where to start.  In some cases they know they want a job change but aren’t sure exactly what they are looking for.  Folks also contact me because they haven’t revised their resume in ten or more years and have no idea how to do it.  Others feel shaky about participating in interviews, especially if they haven’t gone to an interview in a long time or haven’t performed well during the process over and over again.

The distinction between coaching and head hunting

As I work with individual professionals who seek other employment opportunities or entirely new careers, I expertly position them to land their next job.  I do not actually find jobs for my clients, unless I happen to know of available openings that may be ideal for them.

During the coaching engagement, I take people through my own comprehensive multiple step system that helps them to know who they are at this stage of their lives and prepares them to conduct a thorough search that leads to the success they desire.  Headhunters are not coaches.  They are executive recruiters for organizations.  These folks search for candidates who exactly match the qualifications specified by their clients for top level management or technical specialist positions.

Contrary to what many people believe, headhunters do not locate jobs for individuals—no matter how skilled and talented they are.  In addition to doing research on the internet and attending trade association events, headhunters find their candidates through networking and advertising.

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