4 Big Career Mistakes

Career AdviceMany of the mistakes people make in their careers can be avoided. Do YOU see yourself in any of these below? If so, what can you do about it? What are you willing to do about it? Take a look.

Failing to solve problems

Problem solvers tend to keep their jobs, even in tough times. Problem solvers tend to get promotions. Why? They demonstrate enormous value to their supervisors because problems abound in the workplace. The average employee creates or denies more problems than she solves. Become known as someone who sees problems realistically and finds different ways to resolve them. Do it frequently-and visibly. Don’t be afraid to seek out your boss and say: “I’ve been thinking about X situation, and I have an idea about how we might deal with it so that our department maintains its credibility. Would you like to hear my thoughts?”

Hiding or diminishing your value

Make an assessment of how you contribute value to your workplace now. What specific skills do you offer? What personal characteristics do you have that really benefit the organization and individuals within it? What creative ideas do you have that you haven’t yet shared? What suggestions could you make that would enhance the environment or culture? Now ask yourself what you are holding back and why you are allowing that. Do you fear that others may not like you? That they may envy you? That you may appear like you’re trying to outshine them? If you continue to walk around with a blanket over your head at work, don’t expect new opportunities to come to you.

Avoiding risk

Getting out of bed is a risk. Driving a car is a risk. Eating a piece of food is a risk. You could fall, crash, or choke. The message here is not to take foolish, outlandish risks that endanger our lives, jobs, or relationships. It’s about knowing when to take the right risks for the right reasons to get more of what we want: superb project results, more respect from our boss and peers, additional responsibility, a bigger paycheck. Avoiding risk is sort of like avoiding life. To truly live and find fulfillment in what you are doing, you need to be open to risk-taking. Sometimes there aren’t guarantees. But to never volunteer for a unique assignment, to never speak your mind, to never ask for a promotion is to condemn yourself to a very bland existence with few rewards.

Staying in a job you despise

This is the career mistake that thousands make. They stay in a position with a company that stifles their creativity, demeans their worth, and kills their soul. They endure this anguish in the name of job security and all that it supposedly provides. This is a huge delusion. There is no job security. Less now than a decade ago. Know that you don’t impress your boss or anyone by remaining in a job that drains your energy and robs you of your ability to do and offer your best. The more your job steals from you, the less you have to give other people. So nobody’s really winning. You just think you are. Make the commitment to explore possibilities inside or outside your current career. Do it now while you still have a job.

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