Jump Start Your Job Search in 30 Days!

Career AdviceIf you clicked on this blog, you are probably thinking about a job or career change.  Am I right?  Maybe you just started thinking about it recently, or perhaps you’ve been considering it for months or years.  There are many reasons why people dream about jumping ship.  I don’t know what yours are.  But I don’t have to know the specific details to understand that you—and every professional—deserves to do more of what you love doing.  After all, in a typical week the number of hours you invest at work probably exceeds the number of hours you spend anyplace else.   Why should you be miserable?  Or indifferent, which in some cases can be worse.

Because I truly want YOU to find greater fulfillment in your job and career, I created a brand new group coaching program that can move you off the dime.  Because I want you to make bigger and better professional contributions, I designed this program.  I guarantee that this 30 day experience will show you where and how to start, take the confusion out of the job search process, and reveal what is possible for you.  Remember:  I built my business to develop and upgrade people’s careers, so I’m highly motivated to do this for and with you.  But YOU must make the decision to take advantage of this opportunity.

Sometimes folks just feel lucky to have a paycheck these days; thus, they downplay their need for job fulfillment.  They convince themselves they shouldn’t rock the boat.  They tell themselves they should be content with what they have and not focus on the fact that what they are doing is boring or a bad fit for them.  Some believe they should alter their expectations about work.  And–many minimize the negative personal impact of a dysfunctional culture.  DON’T DO THIS!

Believe me:  there’s something right for you someplace else.

My program is ideal for YOU if:

  • You’ve been procrastinating about starting a job search.
  • You know deep inside that you are unhappy and unfulfilled in your current job or career.
  • You are bored by your current job or burned out.
  • You are not using your strengths to the extent you’d prefer.
  • You feel unappreciated at work.
  • You are no longer growing.  You feel stuck.  You cannot move up where you are now.
  • You simply need a change.
  • You realize your current job or career is not a good fit for you.
  • You’ve been out of the job market for a while and need to find meaningful employment.
  • You feel ready to start a search but have no idea where or how to begin. 

Program Content:

This specially designed 30 day program consists of the following:

  • 4-one hour telephone group coaching sessions (held weekly)
  • Exercises and handouts
  • Email support between group coaching sessions
  • Resources
  • One bonus call after the 4 structured group coaching sessions are completed
  • Recordings of all sessions sent to your email inbox

There is nothing more miserable and draining than staying in a job or career you’ve never liked or have outgrown.  It sucks you dry, right?  I know, because I’ve done it.  The longer you wait to jump ship, the less confident you feel and the angrier you get.  If you’re like I was, you may feel like life is passing you by and you’re wasting time.  The good news is that it doesn’t need to be this way.

CLICK HERE to view the coaching schedule and register today.

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