Emotional Intelligence & Success

EQIndustry leaders and experts share many things in common: keen insight into trends and facets of their market, clear vision to discern future possibilities, and leading knowledge in their field.

Unquestionably, high emotional intelligence plays a significant role in the success and prosperity of business leaders. Lasting success lies in discovering the balance of book knowledge, reason, and emotional intelligence.

Sales drives all business. Yet the best sales people may not be perceived as sales people. They might not sell cars or homes or advertising, but they sell their expertise through strong relationships. Individuals who network and build strong personal connections understand the value other people bring to them and their communities. Such people have both confidence in their own abilities and emotional strength to relate well with others.

The ability to network and build strong relationships depends on social awareness of other people’s needs and wants, as well as seeing clearly how to achieve a shared purpose.

Listening is the first step to building strong connections, because it allows you to understand others better (four components of emotional intelligence). People want to be heard, and don’t like having to repeat themselves because the “listener” isn’t paying attention.  Or worse, because the other person keeps interrupting…If YOU exhibit these kinds of behaviors, your success could be short-lived.

People who build strong relationships create fans for themselves, their products, services, and organizations by balancing industry insight with relationships. Gaining fans helps salespeople succeed. People buy from those they like.   Frequently, it’s that simple.

Regardless of whether sales is part of your job, everyone is in the business of selling themselves and their company. Learn about ways to connect with others from great relationship builders. Book knowledge can be great, but people knowledge reigns.  Boosting your emotional intelligence will increase your ability to sell yourself and your organization to those who need you most.

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