Emotional Intelligence & the Impact on Work

EQStudies have shown that emotional intelligence determines success more than IQ, personality, and charisma combined.  That’s a powerful statement.  We also know that regular use of emotional intelligence lowers stress levels for you and those around you.  Take a look at the following work related areas that can benefit most from infusions of EQ:

1. Sales

Pushing your product and not listening to what customers are trying to tell you?  Interrupting, cutting them short, or talking over them?  Making your own agenda more important than theirs?  This is the fast track to nowhere.  As a sales representative, your job is to put your customers first by building a connection with each and every one of them.

2. Communication

If you have a need to be right—no matter what the issue—you’re going to rub many people the wrong way.  If you resist different opinions or reject solutions offered by folks you dislike, you set the stage for difficult interactions.

3. Hiring and Firing

Before offering a job to the candidate who answered all of your questions “perfectly”, review other relevant aspects of interview performance:  eye contact, body language, and voice tone.  When you sense that your star employee doesn’t fit the organizational culture, don’t push those feelings aside.  Face them head on and take action.

4. Relationships

Harsh comments, snide remarks, and bad manners harm relationships.  The same can be said for attempts to control others.  And if you can’t show care and concern for people when they’re down, well, don’t expect to rise through the ranks at work.

Emotions can turn out to be your best friend or your worst enemy.  What you decide to do with them makes or breaks your career.

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