High Potentials: Are You Ready for Management?

High potential employeesWe’ve all heard the adage that someone is “being groomed” for management, but what does that really mean? And how do we develop their talent to maximize their leadership capacity?

We call these emerging leaders ‘high potentials.’ Today I’d like to share with you how to help these stars shine brighter.

High potentials are those who are willing to go the distance for a company and show a great deal of promise for management positions.  They consistently outperform coworkers, willingly embrace new challenges and often exemplify a company’s standards of business and decorum.

Despite all of their positive attributes, high potentials often the lack the experience necessary for a successful career in management.  Too often that inexperience is a recipe for failure once they are promoted.

I can relate. My first two years as a manager were problematic for me because I was ill-equipped for the challenges that presented themselves. I read many books on management and leadership, and found myself further bogged down by their lack of clarity. It was an uphill battle, to say the least.

Fortunately, my years of frustration have a silver lining.  Eventually things worked out, and I exceled in my position.  After I started my coaching business a decade later, I designed a product that addresses some of the challenges new managers face.  This audio product teaches new managers what they need to achieve success in their role as an emerging leader.

Launching Leaders with Sylvia: 5 Essentials for First Time Managers combines the knowledge shared in seminars, books, and conferences into one convenient package that gives you the freedom to learn on your own time.

From the comfort of your home, car, or office you are able to immerse yourself in five essential aspects of management: mindset, time management, professional image, supervision, and building trust.  In the kit, you will receive insights on how to clarify your feelings about yourself in a management role, how to recognize the forms of self sabotage, and so much more.

Don’t allow frustration and inexperience to keep you from the role for which you are destined!  Launching Leaders with Sylvia is currently available on the Launching Lives website.  Unlock YOUR potential today!

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