Are Your Employees Engaged?

Fully engaged staff are the life blood of a team, a department, and an entire organization.How to engage employees  You must learn and master the keys to inspiring people to consistently do their best work, even under difficult circumstances.  The sooner you know how to do this, the sooner you will reap the results you want.  It’s that simple.  At the risk of sounding trite:  You can’t accomplish everything on your own.  You need the folks who report to you to carry their weight—and to carry it willingly.  They are getting paid to carry their weight, but YOU are getting paid to set the stage for them to do it.

Organizations who report high levels of employee engagement are three times more efficient, effective, and profitable than those with average or low levels of engagement.  As you may guess, there is a big price to pay for floating employees who simply are not engaged.  All aspects of an organization are negatively impacted:  finances, morale, service/product delivery, innovation, culture, and team spirit just to name a few.

On December 10, 2013 at 12:00 PM EST I am offering a FREE 30 minute teleseminar that nose dives into this subject in a way that gives you exactly what you need to know to either eliminate your engagement problems or turn them around.  This no nonsense audio event holds the keys to change.  It’s up to YOU to accept those keys and use them.  Even one key that you didn’t have before is worth your investment of time, right?  Occasionally one golden nugget makes all the difference.

During this half hour I intend to cover two primary topics:

  • Factors that drive employee engagement
  • Specific indicators that your employees are engaged at a level that ensures optimal performance

Having problems with engaging some of your employees to the fullest extent?  Click here to register.

If you can’t join me “live” on December 10th at 12:00 PM EST, we’ll send you a recording within two days after the teleseminar.  Then you can listen at your convenience.

Once you register, you will receive the teleseminar dial-in information as well as a PDF handout. REGISTER HERE.

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