Managers: Assume That Change is Constant

Management AdviceThis week we will continue our series on how managers can have more ‘best’ days.  We’ve covered what a good manager must do, think, and be and this week we will show you what a manager must assume to have better days.

All too often, the assumption managers make is that they deserve the job they’ve got simply based on seniority or experience, but that is far from the truth.  Management requires a great deal of other character traits in order to create high functioning relationships and a seamless workplace flow.  Too many managers allow their creativity and instinct to go by the wayside and simply just fall into a rut.

Managers often walk into their position with high hopes and at some times delusions of grandeur.  Underneath the façade of bravery and managerial security, most first time managers harbor feelings of insecurity and doubt.  A lot of new managers frequently feel ill-equipped for their new role in the company, and sometimes this translates badly for their employees.  So if this resonates with YOU, what can you do?

Sure, there are management books and leadership seminars, but they don’t always address the key concerns we have as new managers.  Quite frequently, we end up only being able to draw snippets of information from stacks of books and hours of training.  Sometimes the overload of information leaves us more confused and overwhelmed.

Due to this barrage of information, we were inspired to create our product: Launching Lives with Sylvia: 5 Essential Tips for First Time Managers.  In this user-friendly kit comprised of audio CDs, worksheets, and transcripts, we will outline the five elements needed for battling the nagging insecurities you’re facing.  We will teach you how to have more best days.

We’ve all heard the old adage about assumption, but what happens when assumption is a necessary part of overcoming bad days?  Sometimes a manager must assume certain things to have their best days.  Focusing on what is important is one of the key assets of being an effective manager, as our extremely beneficial kit can teach you.

Don’t let insecurity and doubt burden you or your new staff.  Allow Launching Lives to help without the unnecessary verbosity provided by other management training devices.  We get down to brass tacks and tell you exactly what you’ll need—in a clear, concise format– to be a success as a manager and have the best days.

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