What does a manager need to be to have more good days?

By Gwendolyn Lee

Allow me to set up a scenario.  It is Friday in a busy outpatient surgery facility; all operating rooms are open and running with back to back scheduled surgeries.  The administrator is running the schedule for the day due to vacations and there is no “wiggle room” in the staffing assignments.  It is 0700 hours and the dreaded call comes in that one of the employees is ill and cannot come to work.  The administrator now has to do double duty and function as an operating room nurse and run the schedule.  Her mind is also spinning with looming project deadlines.  What does this manager have to be to turn this into a good day?

Be flexible…embrace the day.  Tap into the reserves that exist Managing Employees in Healthcarebecause you were a good operating room nurse before you were a manager.  Be fully present for those entrusted to your care.  Stay focused on the fact they are the reason you chose this profession.

Be positive and just make it a great day! Negative thoughts breed more negative thoughts and soon the rest of the day is ruined.  The manager’s negative mood will also infect the staff, creating bad energy for all. Realize the projects will get finished.  Show confidence that the day will go well despite unforeseen setbacks.  Through your optimistic demeanor you have been the best role model possible for the staff.  You have shown you are invested and interested by your willingness to work side by side with your staff to achieve a goal.  In doing so you will be rewarded with more good days!

Celebrate success and praise, praise, praise.   At the end of the day thank everyone for pulling together and working as a team to accomplish the days’ tasks.   Acknowledge employees individually for their contributions to the team.   Bring a treat to work on Monday as thanks for a job well done.

Relax and enjoy the reward that comes as a result of you and your team working together to achieve the mission of your organization!

Gwendolyn Lee is the executive director of the West Shore Surgery Center.  She also serves on the board at messiah village.  Prior to becoming an administrator, she worked in the operating room as a nurse.

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