Types of “Bad Bosses” and What You Can Do About Them!

My theme for this week is about handling a bad boss. Most of us have had one and some of us might even be one.  I recently read an article by a fellow ezine author, entitled, “5 Types of Bosses and How to Deal with Them.” I found it interesting and decided to pick a few types and offer a little more insight. 

The Just A Minute Boss 

TIP:  When your boss constantly requests information, tasks, or project completion within a very short time frame, you might try asking what his/her priority is for YOU at that moment or on that particular day.  Given that you have other work related obligations demanding your attention, attempt to find out exactly what your boss prefers you focus on.  This strategy is less threatening than telling your boss that it’s impossible for you to do what he/she is requesting of you then.  This tip empowers you to seek guidance. 

The Fear Monger

TIP:  Recognizing that there are bosses who enjoy wielding their power and enjoy making subordinates feel insecure and inadequate, know that you must learn to deal with this unless you choose to resign.  Document all assignments and other requests, deliver on time, and make sure the work is the highest quality you can produce.  Don’t give this type of boss any valid reason to doubt you, belittle you, or fire you.  Keep the relationship with this individual as professional as possible, demonstrating minimal emotion around him or her.  Keep yourself grounded, on task, and notably serious about your job.  Most of all?  Look for ways to reduce the impact of his or her behavior upon your spirit.

I hope my tips help you cope with a bad boss. Check out my blog next week for a positive spin to the work environment: a great manager!

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