Position Yourself For Success!

Is your office space supporting your professional goals of success? Are your employees proud of working there? Does your office design represent your business image?

Whether working from home or in an office environment, these tips can help transform your office into a space that promotes productivity, efficiency and success.

All businesses need to utilize their office as part of their branding even if no clients go there.  You produce what you feel.  When employees and business owners enjoy their work environment, they focus on success.  Success is realized by enjoyable surroundings, increased productivity and concentration, as well as a feeling of confidence when approaching new projects which can ultimately result in additional revenue.

Does your office portray those qualities?  Here are some tips to transform your space.

Home Offices-Utilize a separate area in your home to create your office environment.  Create an office/family time schedule.  Too often family distractions can take away from office productivity.  Eliminate the clutter from your office.  Create systems for filing and clear your workspace.  Place your desk for comfort, security and power.  Display diplomas and awards and minimize personal pictures.  Invest in some office furniture.  Living plants represent growth as does your business.

BEFORE                                                                          AFTERoffice spaceoffice space



Corporate Offices-Start from the outside entrance.  Is there landscaping and does it represent the color and life of your business?  Does the reception area make the right first impression? Spending just a few minutes a week keeping things tidy, and investing a few dollars in new plants, artwork or a fresh coat of paint, will ensure that first-time visitors and potential clients see your office the way you want them to see it.

Color Counts-Based on the type of work you do, color reflects your business.  Consider where and how to use your company logo and/or signage.  Neutral colors work well with such occupations such as banking, accounting or legal services.  An ad agency, photographer or graphic designer should consider a vibrant approach to their office paint and décor.

Use Artwork for Inspiration-Tired of the standard motivational prints?  Want to make a statement?  Consider inviting local artists or an art gallery to showcase their work at your office.  This is a cost effective method to add some flair without impacting your bottom line.

Your office space is reflective of who you are and what you represent.  Virtual office makeovers can provide guidance and support to create an environment of success that will breathe life into your everyday work space.  Take a step back and look at your office space to see how you can create a harmonious and productive environment that will ultimately lead to success!

Principal of Green Design InnovationCatherine Montague, LEED AP, Principal of Green Design Innovation, is an International Interior Designer collaborating with architects, builders and craftsmen to create superior designs for discriminating homeowners and businesses.  Services include: Interior Design Services, Real Estate Staging, Move-in Services, Presentations & Corporate Training and International Shopping for the distinguished buyer. Contact Catherine directly at catherine@greendesigninnovation.com or visit www.GreenDesignInnovation.com to learn more.


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