Co-Working: Creativity in a Big Way

This month we start a new series focusing on “Creativity: How to Make the Ordinary Extraordinary.”  Think about the benefits of inserting some creativity into your daily routine.  What can result from being more creative at work?  Sylvia answers the question in this YouTube video.

47186_154962561182432_1239133_nEveryone knows what a co-worker is, but not everyone knows about co-working.  Co-working is the latest and greatest solution for the loneliness that accompanies working from home or on the road.

Co-working gives the “office-less” a space to work where they can set up shop and still benefit from being around other people.  Along with an office, co-working also provides a conference room, access to office equipment, and a kitchen area so you’re not always buying yourself lunch.  There is often a monthly fee associated with co-working to cover the cost of the facility, and the fee varies based on the amount of time spent and access needed.

Co-working isn’t only about providing an office, though.  Co-working is about creating a group environment for the otherwise solo worker.  It forms a team based on a common goal.

The Candy Factory, a co-working space located in Lancaster, opened in 2010 and is the first of its kind.  The facility is owned by Anne Kirby, who states that The Candy Factory “focuses on collaboration, accessibility, affordability, and communication.”

At The Candy Factory there are no typical office accoutrements.  There are no cubicles, no walls, and no private offices.  The idea of co-working is to generate creativity and camaraderie.  The principal provides you with other people to bounce ideas off of or chat with when you need a break.

Kirby also says, “Co-working is all about community, and the community makes it what it is.”

There comes a time when every person who telecommutes says to herself, “this isn’t what I thought it was going to be.”  The truth is it is often lonely because you are no longer in the midst of a bustling office space.  Creativity flows in the company of others; it’s often difficult to inspire yourself.  Co-working provides the solution, as the space is meant to be “fun, inspirational, and creative,” according to Kirby.

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