10 Tips for People in Top Positions

Sylvia blog photoIf you are running a company or an organization, incorporate these ten tips into every work day and reap the fruits of increased productivity, greater efficiency, and improved quality of life:

  1. Approach every meeting, task, and project realizing that peers and subordinates are constantly watching you-even when you think they aren’t noticing a thing. Model the behavior you want to see copied.
  2. Establish an environment in which employees thrive, not stagnate or die. Nourish people, and they will eat out of your hand.
  3. Seek regular input and feedback from your employees, colleagues, Board, and stakeholders.  Incorporate reasonable ideas into your daily operations and strategic plan.
  4. Recognize and reward exceptional work. This motivates staff in powerful ways.
  5. Demonstrate a willingness to embrace rather than resist change. Show people that you welcome the opportunities that come with hard times and special challenge.
  6. Take definite steps to develop yourself professionally and personally. Assess your skills, behavior, and character honestly, and ask others who are close to you for input.
  7. Create, implement, and regularly monitor progress around an organizational strategic plan. Involve representatives from all layers of your organization in these processes.
  8. Build authentic relationships and solid partnerships with other people. Phony, false relationships can only haunt you and hurt your business.
  9. Say what you mean and mean what you say-no exceptions. Communicate clearly.
  10. Be transparent with your Board, colleagues, and employees. Secrecy undermines your credibility and perhaps even your future.

If you commit to living these ten tips, you generally succeed in getting others to trust you. Gaining trust is like owning gold-and lots of it. If folks don’t trust you, they don’t really care much about your impressive educational background, previous prestigious leadership/management experiences, and supposed skill set. They need to believe in YOU. When they do, they choose to follow you just about anywhere.

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