Book Writing Process Leads to Important Discovery

Over the past few months I’ve been sharing my journey through the process of writing a Bookbook tentatively titled Executive Excellence Now.

Ever since I started this venture, I’ve learned an immeasurable amount about what goes into the process of writing, marketing and publishing a book today.  Because of what I’ve learned, I recently concluded that now may not be the time for me to publish a book.

I am a writer at heart, to be sure.  But doing a book is a very different sort of writing project.  It’s certainly different from writing an article (which can be done in a few hours) or from creating and producing products (which often can be done in a few weeks).

I plan to transition my “book efforts” to creating a product that will utilize some of the content in my unfinished book. I will share details with you later as I have them available.  First, I need to get clear about the product focus.  That clarity is critical.

The knowledge I’ve acquired over many months has been both eye-opening and invaluable. The insights I’ve gained as a result of working on the book will carry me into the next phase of my business and beyond.  While I still believe I want to write and publish a book, I believe all of this needs to happen when the time is right.

What nuggets of wisdom have you ,personally, gained as you journeyed through various large projects?

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Greg Olson
Greg Olson

Hi Sylvia, I appreciate you sharing your perspective on your writing journey. As an author, consultant, and creator of products that I've created from writing and consulting I can certainly appreciate what you are doing. I also appreciate the "time is not now" comment and that you want to focus on product instead of the writing project. At any given time, I have several multi-year projects going on. I have a product roadmap, I have ideas for my clients or prospective clients, and I have book projects, etc. The main thing that I've learned on my own journey is that the idea zone is different than the execution zone. In fact, just yesterday I came up with a great idea based upon some intersecting trends that I've been paying attention to. I could jump on the opportunity now, but then what I'm already doing may suffer. Instead, I document the idea/opportunity by putting it in the "PlayGround" of ideas. For those ideas that are in gestation, I'll come back and create a "Big Picture" later. I use the Big Idea Toolkit to keep me focused on what I'm doing now, what I need to get clarity on to move forward, and what ideas I'm getting but don't want to distract myself with right now. I want to point you to many blog posts but if I only point you to one I'd choose Productive living is about project management not time management