Find Job Satisfaction in the Here and Now

While many are trying to land a job promotion, countless others are feeling unfilled.  If you’re feeling less than enthusiastic about your current job and seeking a new one isn’t the right move, consider the following ideas for boosting your contentment where you are:

Make a conscious effort to serve at least one person each day. Job Satisfaction

It may be as tiny as bringing a coffee to a team mate tomorrow morning, or it may be as significant as visiting a colleague with cancer. Whatever the case, just do it. Serve one person today-and think of it as service. These kinds of things don’t appear in your job description, but they mean a great deal to the receiver. In the process, you feel good about yourself. Simply feeling good about YOU can ignite your fire. Upon waking each day, decide how you can truly serve someone during that twenty-four hour period. Yes, plan it.

Visualize a solution to your most plaguing work related problem.

Most of us focus on our problems rather than potential solutions to them. That’s why so many problems remain problems. We go round and round in circles, exhausting ourselves staring at everything that’s wrong. When you think about it, that’s crazy behavior. If we spent as much time imagining solutions as we spend Googling the problems, we’d be more productive and much happier people. Let your mind wander the next time you identify a problem. Dare to step outside the traditional box and pat yourself on the back for whatever comes up for you.

Establish yourself as the go-to person for something specific.

Become known for something: a certain skill, an attribute, particular information, some type of knowledge. Show others they can count on you for that one thing. You can even “market” yourself in this way. Don’t be shy about letting people know they can come to you for your critical thinking, your editing ability, your knack for seeing the big picture, your humor during tense moments.

Place positive, affirming statements around your work environment.

Print positive affirmations for yourself on 3×5 cards, then post them in frequently visited but hidden locations around your office or cubicle. The only person who needs to view them is you. Statements like “I am the best person for this job” and “I am grateful for this work opportunity” can have a very powerful, positive impact upon you at various times throughout the day.

Support your boss.

The suggestion here is to demonstrate support in legitimate ways. If you honestly cannot support an opinion your boss shares, then don’t say that you support it. To do so despite your opposing feelings is false. But when your boss comes up with the ideal solution for a long term problem in the office, announce to everyone that you think he hit the nail on the head. Why not? Sincere demonstrations of support for the individual who makes sure you get a regular paycheck are wise investments of your time and energy.

I urge you to try just one of these ideas and see if you can boost your job fulfillment in a snap!

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