How to Tame Difficult Employees in 30 Days

Every work environment has at least one “difficult employee.” Large organizations usually have several.  These chronically difficult people create a lot of tension and chaos.  While they may have big brains and can be major producers, their behavior is disruptive, draining, and annoying to the folks around them.  That includes YOU.  Are you, personally, trying to supervise a difficult employee right now with little or no success?   If so, you may be ready to pull your hair out.

The truth is that “difficult” comes in many different varieties:  controlling, critical, rude, indecisive, resistant, argumentative, know-it-all, competing, meddling, arrogant, scatter brained, and angry to name a few.  Which kind are you dealing with?  And how is it affecting the quality of your life, your department’s morale and productivity, and the lives of individuals exposed to it?  What have you tried that hasn’t worked?  What are the consequences of continuing to allow the status quo?

Think about how you would feel if you could rein in and shift your difficult employee’s difficult behavior—even a little.   How would a typical day be different?  What would key relationships look like?  What bottom line results would you get?  It’s important for you to know the answers to these questions because they will motivate you to take action.  The real problem lies in the fact that too many managers wait too long to act.

During this program preview teleseminar I will provide an overview of the content I intend to cover in the two-part series scheduled for April 10th and April 17th.  However, I also plan to talk with you in some depth about the ripple effect from just one difficult employee who has not yet been tamed.  This discussion alone is worth your time to join us—or at least to listen to the recording.

If you can relate to any of the statements above, my preview teleseminar on April 2, 2013 at 12:00 PM EDT is definitely for you.  It will set the stage for my two-part program which is dedicated to deepening your understanding of the negative influence difficult employees have upon the work environment—and even more dedicated to giving you, as a manager, the formula for dealing directly and effectively with these people—regardless of the type. Click here for more information about the two-part program!

If you can’t join me “live,” it’s okay.  Please register anyway.  I will send you the recording within a couple of days after the event.  Then you can listen to the teleseminar when it’s convenient for you.

Once you register, you will receive immediate confirmation by return email.  The message you get will include the dial-in information as well as a handout related to the content.  Click here to register.  I’d love to have you on the call.

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