Gratitude Can Help Your Business – A Guest Column by Rickie Freedman

The following is a guest column by Rickie Freedman of “Reiki by Rickie.” Happy Holidays!

One of the Reiki Healing Principles states “Just for Today, I shall show Gratitude for all my many Blessings”. The Reiki Healing Principles were designed to help us build and preserve our energy, so we may lead more Peaceful and Blissful lives. Through the study of psychoneuroimmunology, researchers have learned that beyond joy, ahead of happiness and above delight, the emotion with the greatest power to bring balance and health to each of our 100 trillion cells is ..Gratitude!

I have personally been practicing this lesson for the last five weeks. My mom has had unexpected surgery, and is in the ICU. I KNOW that the best way to help her heal is for me to stay in my place of Peace and Gratitude. How do I focus on Gratitude when my mom is on a ventilator and unable to communicate verbally? As I share Reiki with my mom, I visualize the best possible outcome. I visualize her healthy and well. I look deeply into her eyes and tell her that when you really love someone, no words are necessary. And we share a beautiful heartfelt love and connection with our eyes. This is a true Blessing. I have also gotten to spend one-on-one quality time helping my dad. This has also been a Blessing.

How does this practice of Gratitude translate to the world of business? According to the Law of Attraction, the sincere Heartfelt feelings we put out act as magnets to attract to us those things that are for our Highest Good and Greatest Joy. As we look for, and choose to focus on, the many Blessings in our lives and our work, and remember to express Gratitude for them, we will attract more Abundance. Yes, Abundance can be financial (money is an energy also), but it can also be Abundant relationships, Abundant jobs, Abundant clients, Abundant satisfaction etc. In the two years I have been in Harrisburg, my Reiki business has blossomed beyond my wildest dreams, and continues to grow. I always keep my values of operating from a place of Unconditional Love, Service and Integrity first and foremost. Everything else flows naturally.

Choose an “Attitude of Gratitude”. Count your Blessings, and watch them multiply!

                                                                            Peace and Joy, Rickie

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What a poignant and beautifully written Blog entry, Rickie. Thank you for sharing your feelings and thoughts so eloquently. So proud of the strong, giving and resiliant person you are, and how you make such a difference in people's lives helping them realize healthier attitudes and embrace positive thinking. Wishing for myself the gift of your wisdom,for your mother ~ healing and recovery, and for your father, your sister, you and your families ~ peace of mind when you know your mother is on her way to getting better and out of that hospital bed! Love, Arlene