Guest Column: Controlling Your Emotions Key to Avoiding Burn-Out

The following is a Guest Blog Column written by Jim Carchidi of JFC Staffing

Burn out is a self inflicted symptom of our unwillingness to control how we react to emotions. 

“This guy is living in la-la land.”  A year ago I would agree with the preceding statement,   but not today — not knowing the things I know now. 

Burnout ties into your internal emotions and outward reactions to them.  Emotions only affect the person who has them however the person has not control over these feelings.     No matter how “Zen” a person may be, he/she has no power and no control over their emotions.  It is a basic truth – we do not have power over our emotions yet others do.  Emotions are created by situations, circumstances, and other people.     

Reactions not only affect the person themselves but also others involved.  Situations, circumstances, other people; they have no control over how you react.  The individual, he/she holds the power as to their reaction(s). 

Let be real here, I get stressed out, frustrated, mad as hell and basically can feel like the world is caving in on me.  What is great is that I control my reaction to such feelings.  While my emotions only affect me, my reactions affect everyone.  So I recognize what is in my realm of power and control.  When outside forces cause an unbalance in my emotions, I choose to react in a balanced way.  This then affect others (the situation) in a positive manner while simultaneously having a positive impact on me.

The unfortunate reality is that few of us want to be responsible for poor reactions when it’s far easier to blame the other person, the circumstance, the situation.  Once we acknowledge there is no controlling our emotions and admit that we do have control over how we deal with them (react to our emotions) – burnout disappears.   

Emotions are internal, controlled by others, but only affecting you.  How you react to those emotions is external, controlled by you, but affecting everyone.

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