Don’t Become Tomorrow’s Burnout Headline

When Steven Slater famously “jumped ship” from his flight attendant job at JetBlue via the emergency-evacuation chute this past August, he ignited a public debate and become a folk hero to many.  While his behavior was inexcusable, many could relate to the years of pent up frustration he allowed to surface in the episode. 

Slater admitted that he had imagined pulling this stunt over the years, but never thought he’d actually do it.     We may never know what combination of circumstances pushed him over the edge, but it’s obvious that Slater isn’t the only one who’s had enough.  A recent article  points to a rising incidence of bogus sick days as a result of job stress and burnout.

Are the pressures of work starting to build in your life?  Are daydreams about dramatic exits creeping into your thoughts?  Don’t’ despair.  There are measures you can take to help cope, so that you don’t become the next headline news story. 

Being intentional about how you order your work day will reap rewards.   Putting into practice the advice in my article, “Job Fatigue – 10 Tips for Burning Bright Vs Burning Out,” can help you create the balance you need not just to survive, but to actually thrive in your job.

Starting the day right, making priorities and sticking to them and creating new ways to accomplish routine tasks are only a few of the valuable practices I outline that can make your days more effective and satisfying.  Check out the entire article for more strategies to incorporate into your routines for a fresh start tomorrow.

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