The Two Barriers to Leadership and What You Can Do About It

As John Webster poignantly stated in last week’s guest blog, leadership is influence! Knowing that leadership is influence means that we must be intentional about our interactions and mindful of our words.

Influential leadership does not happen overnight. In fact, in many cases, it takes years of continual practice to become an optimal leader. I’ve found two things that stand in our way and I’ve also developed a solution for both.

The first barrier is lack of leadership experience. Many are promoted to management positions because of their years of service or strong work ethic, not necessarily because of real-life management experience. New managers are left to rely upon their common sense and gut instinct or to simply learn as they go. This current model promotes frustration and dysfunction within a company, not success.

To combat this lack of new management training, I’ve created a solution specifically aimed toward assisting individuals in learning the essential skills needed to function as a manager.  Launching Leaders With Sylvia: 5 Essentials for First Time Managers is designed to address the challenges and uncertainties experienced by individuals in new management positions. This product features instruction around the five essential aspects of management including: mindset toward management, time management, professional image, supervision and building trust.

This single kit combines hours of reading books and attending seminars into just five disks which can be listened to at your convenience. This product is ideal for new managers who wish to create a working professional image, enhance supervisory skills, combat low productivity and disorganization and develop loyalty and trust with employees. 5 Essentials for First Time Managers is current available on the Launching Lives website.

The second barrier is time.  Most of us have adapted a lifestyle of remaining connected 24/7. Combine this lifestyle with the never ending “to-do” lists and it’s evident we’re ‘barely getting by’ rather than focusing on areas that can help us and the people around us – areas such as leadership and development.  But how do we break this cycle? How do we make leadership a priority?

Recently, I created a downloadable, easy to digest workbook that reveals 10 strategies that can help people to gain some control over their pervasive feelings of overload and overwhelm.  Once we find a way to tackle overwhelm, manage our priorities, and discover our ultimate goals, we’ll be in a much better position to manage our time appropriately. The strategies in the workbook and the exercises that correspond with each of them are designed to show people a way out of the craziness they’ve allowed to consume them.  The beauty of this workbook lies in its structure and format:  users can choose to work through it at their own pace:  over a weekend, a week, a month, or several months.  Whatever is appropriate for their schedules and whatever serves them best… Click here for more information.

What other factors stand in the way of influential leadership?

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