Working with Those “Troubling Twenty-Somethings!”

Having difficulty integrating, supervising, and inspiring the twenty-somethings in your organization?  The reality is that you must figure out how to do this sooner rather than later.  Why?  Because frequent staff turnover is expensive:  financially, energetically, relationally, and time-wise. Millennials are here to stay, and they are the future business leaders of America. If you are a Boomer or a Gen X and you’re perplexed about how to work effectively with the folks under thirty, my October 9th teleseminar is definitely for YOU.  Join me that day at 12:00 PM EDT for the teleseminar, “Multiple Generations at Work: How to Integrate, Supervise, and Inspire Millennials to Fully Engage Them!”

When I coach clients, mingle with business owners during networking events, and chat with attendees at educational sessions, I hear a lot of folks complaining about the “twenty-somethings generation”.  It’s time to stop complaining and learn how to communicate with them, engage them, and get optimal results from them.  Despite their generic unflattering reputation, Millennials have much to offer.  I believe this with my whole heart.  In this teleseminar I’m going to show you how to get more success with this group than you’re probably getting now.  Know this:  it’s a huge mistake to devalue, overlook, minimize, or underestimate Millennials.

I plan to shine a bright light on the under thirty generation in this one hour teleseminar.

During this telephone event I will:

  • Describe the historical background that has shaped Millennials’ attitudes, approaches, habits, and world view.
  • Discuss their mindset toward jobs and career.
  • Identify and explain their characteristics, traits, preferences, and style.
  • Provide strategies for improving performance and integrating them into a multi-generation environment.

Register for this teleseminar if you are:

  • Frustrated with Millennials’ constant involvement with electronic devices.
  • Irritated by their insistence that everything be done “yesterday”.
  • Unsure about how to manage their enthusiasm.
  • Envious of their ability to multi task successfully.
  • Dismayed by their need for total transparency.
  • Surprised by their desire to share personal and intimate details about their lives.
  • Uncertain about how to develop them as young professionals.
  • Exasperated by their strong emphasis upon work/life balance.
  • Curious about their expectation to land promotions quickly.

I promise you will walk away from this teleseminar with these practical benefits:

  • Language for improving your communication with Millennials
  • Strategies for jump-starting their investment in projects and tasks
  • Tactics for inspiring them to do their best work
  • Ideas for boosting their commitment to both you and the organization

If you are having difficulty dealing with the under thirty generation, sign up for this educational event now.  If you want to reduce your frustration and get better results, don’t miss this opportunity.  What I’m going to share on this call can completely alter your emotional response, your approach, and your outcomes.  Sounds attractive?  Click here to register.

THIS TELESEMINAR WILL BE RECORDED.  If you can’t join me “live” on October 9, 2012 at noon EDT, don’t worry about it.  Register anyway.  I will send you the recording within a couple of days after the event.  Then you may listen to the call on your own time when it’s convenient for you.

Once you register, you will receive immediate confirmation by return email.  The message you get will include the dial-in information as well as a handout related to the teleseminar content.

Email Sylvia to Register: Cost is $50!

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