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Managers and Executives: You Don’t Need to Be ‘Stuck’ in Your Career!

After several discussions with my own coach, it recently became clear to me that my executive coaching business focuses on three primary areas – all related to career development. These areas include helping managers and executives to upgrade their current … Continue reading

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How to Tame Difficult Employees in 30 Days

Every work environment has at least one “difficult employee.” Large organizations usually have several.  These chronically difficult people create a lot of tension and chaos.  While they may have big brains and can be major producers, their behavior is disruptive, … Continue reading

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Writing a Book: Buyer Needs and Perceptions Trump Author’s Preferences

Later this year, Sylvia will release a book for managers and executives. We’re following Sylvia through this journey with a series of blog posts. This post is the fourth in the series. To read the past blogs, click here. I believe … Continue reading

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