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Emotional Intelligence: Four Components

Credible leaders and managers must develop skills in three main areas:  accomplishing tasks, working with and through other people, and changing their own behavior after honestly assessing it. Because all of these have to happen simultaneously, that’s why many are … Continue reading

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Executive Intelligence – Beyond IQ

If you are an executive, are you familiar with the term “executive intelligence?”  Never heard of it? Today’s your day then. It’s tough to fill the role if you don’t even know all that’s expected. In truth, that’s a recipe … Continue reading

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Employees and Managers: Time for the “Unfiltered Truth” about Job Satisfaction and Competency

This week, we begin a new series about knowing if you are suited for the right job or position. In this YouTube clip, I answer the question: What are some of the emotional indicators that a person may not be … Continue reading

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