What is group coaching?

A facilitated, focused, and confidential group process led by a skilled coach partner, group coaching considers each participant’s current needs and goals related to a defined issue or problem.  The intention is to maximize the combined energy, experience, wisdom, and insights of all individuals involved.  Through deep listening and truth telling group coaching incorporates teaching, guiding, and advising.  The coach does not simply provide “the answers”.

What is the time commitment involved with group coaching?

Group coaching programs vary in length.  Most range from thirty to ninety days.  Some stretch as long as six months.  While group coaching can take place in a face to face setting such as your employer’s conference room, a hotel meeting room, a Chamber of Commerce meeting space, or other appropriate venue, frequently it occurs by telephone using a free conference call bridge line.  Sessions typically last for one hour or ninety minutes.  Longer sessions have proven to be less effective.  The number of sessions in a program varies, depending upon what needs to be accomplished.  However, many group coaching programs offer one session per week or one session every other week for the duration of the engagement.  A program may be structured to include one session per month over a period of six months, for example.

How many people can participate in a group coaching program?

For optimal results a group coaching program usually has approximately five to ten people in it.  The reason for such a small number is because the coach facilitator wants to ensure that each person receives enough individual attention and support.

Who are the program participants?

The participants in a group coaching program may be colleagues at one place of employment OR people who do similar jobs for different employers OR folks who are experiencing the same professional problem or have the same career related goal.

Do I get to talk with the coach outside of group sessions?

It depends upon how the group program is set up.  Launching Lives typically builds one brief private coaching session into all group programs for the individual benefit of participants.  People don’t need to use that private session, but it is there as an option.  Most folks see the value in this option.

How often does Launching Lives offer group coaching opportunities?

From time to time Launching Lives offers targeted group coaching programs within the realm of its expertise.  For profit companies and nonprofit organizations may request a specific program, or several unrelated individuals within a certain geographic locale may seek a group program that promises a certain result.   Launching Lives has conducted group programs with people in multiple states across the United States.  The composition of these groups varies.  Diversity within groups can be advantageous to the participants.  A few examples of Launching Lives group programs are:

  • Jump Start Your Job Search in 30 Days
  • How to Deal With Difficult People
  • From Loss to Light:  A Blueprint for Building a Life That Works

How much do group coaching programs cost?

Fees depend upon the purpose, content, and length of the program as well as the supporting materials provided to participants.  A short program may require an investment of $197, and a multiple month program may cost several hundred dollars.  In general, though, group coaching tends to be more financially affordable than private coaching.

Must I sign a contract to participate in a group coaching program?

Most coaches require participants to sign a contract before the program begins.  Launching Lives also has this requirement.

How can I learn more details about Launching Lives group coaching programs?

To learn more information about Launching Lives group coaching programs simply send an email to:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 717-761-5457.

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Sylvia, you are the best. I had so many people approach me during the day to say that your session was very good. Many people commented on how thorough the presentation was and the information was solid. We had a lot of seasoned entrepreneurs there, and I think they were looking for the advanced information that you provided.

--Amma Johnson
Vice President
Harrisburg Chamber and CREDC