You and your boss have had a problem relationship for the past year.
You can’t seem to please your supervisor no matter what you do. You willingly work long hours and rarely, if ever, complain. You do your best to complete projects on time. You are a team player. Still, your boss criticizes you. As a result, you wonder what you are doing wrong. Living like this makes you feel like you are walking on egg shells, and you are starting to fear that your job may be in jeopardy. When you try to initiate a conversation to discuss this situation, he/she just brushes you off. The Launching Lives CPR Program can help! Click here to contact Sylvia for more information.

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As a result of your many years of executive experience in combination with your training in executive coaching, you are uniquely qualified to assist key management staff in the achievement of excellence. Your work with the staff referred to you resulted in visible improvement in their leadership abilities including decreased defensiveness, greater focus on strategic positioning, and increased engagement in policy discussions. In addition, all staff involved reported satisfaction with the coaching experience with some staff, as you know, deciding to voluntarily continue.

--Cindy Stewart, CEO, Family Health Council of Central PA