Your company is in the process of downsizing and people are getting laid off. You fear that you will be one of the” casualties” within the next few days, weeks, or months. Having worked for this organization for many years, you don’t know where to turn. You are out of practice searching for a job, revising your resume, preparing for interviews, and marketing yourself in general. Your stress level is high, and you may feel like you can’t cope with what is probably going to happen. What you need now is some ongoing support during this time of uncertainty, a big boost in self confidence, and a lot of practical guidance for planning a major career change. The Launching Lives CPR Program can help! Click here to contact Sylvia Hepler for more information.

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My coaching experience with Sylvia showed me that I really do have the capabilities to be a strategic thinker and leader of a team. Coaching affirmed and dramatically enhanced my professional skill set, and that was very valuable for me. I improved my management style across the board. Despite my basic job competence, my confidence used to waiver at times—and that created a great deal of stress in my life. As a result of Sylvia’s steady support, my confidence level now stays consistently high. Challenging situations no longer unnerve me as they once did. Unquestionably, my work with Launching Lives, LLC was worth every penny of the financial investment.

--Donald Smith, General Manager, Capital City Mall