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Back in 1996 I was promoted to a management position based on my longevity and experience in the industry. Sounds great, doesn’t it? More prestige, more money, more visibility. While it looked good on the outside, I felt scared and insecure on the inside. I lacked confidence to sit in the manager’s seat because I didn’t have the knowledge I needed. I trusted my common sense, but I faced the fact that I didn’t really know how to supervise people, create an appropriate image, or build a high functioning team. Beyond that, I was completely overwhelmed by all the tasks, projects, and activities demanding my attention, energy, and time. People looked to me to be a certain person, behave a certain way, and produce certain things. Quite frankly, I was very unhappy. I woke up at night worrying about how I was going to look, be, do, talk, and act the next day.

The first two years in this management position felt like walking up a very steep hill. What an education! I will never forget how difficult and painful it was for me. The truth is that if I had had the right resources it wouldn’t have been as tough as it was. Yes, I bought books. Yes, over many months I attended seminars and conferences on lots of topics. Useful as they were, these resources didn’t boil down the essential content in the succinct, cut to the chase, sort of way I craved. They didn’t give me exactly what I needed CLEARLY, SIMPLY, and FAST. As a result, all they gave me was frustration.

Can YOU relate to my story? If so, you are not alone. Most people who are promoted to management positions get there because of long term service to the company, historical job knowledge, and/or professional experience. It’s rare for folks to be promoted to management initially because they already have real life management expertise. And this is where the problem lies. Just because a person has worked for an organization for ten years and understands how to do every aspect of his/her job does not mean this individual is cut out to be a manager or has developed the skills to function as a manager. Management requires an entirely different skill set. And you need to acquire it and grow it quickly to avoid drowning in the overwhelm.

If all of this resonates with you, then Launching Leaders With Sylvia: 5 Essentials for First Time Managers is your ideal resource. This product offers you an EXPLOSION of benefits and absolutely NO FLUFF. Take a look:

Through my personal experience, I’ve identified the following topics to be the five essential aspects of management. Each are covered with clear communication and contained in one concise, handy kit.

  • Mindset toward management
  • Time management
  • Professional image
  • Supervision
  • Building Trust

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You get to focus on what is most important in your management role.

You don’t have to spend hours and days researching and attending seminars and workshops to get this information.

You can access this information when it’s convenient for you in the comfort of your office, vehicle, or home.

You save hundreds and even thousands of dollars by purchasing this easy to use, concise kit.

By listening to the five CDs you will:

  • Clarify your feelings about yourself in a management role
  • Identify ten critical mindset shifts
  • Recognize various forms of self sabotage
  • List twelve reasons behind low productivity and disorganization
  • Learn eight big benefits to managing your time wisely
  • Acquire ten tips for saving time
  • Describe specific strategies for investing time in your employees
  • Learn ten components of professional image
  • See twelve benefits for developing a positive image
  • Identify ten ingredients of artful supervision
  • Recognize ten different employee needs
  • List ten powerful strategies for inspiring staff
  • Become comfortable with effective supervisory language
  • Identify new supervisor traps to avoid
  • Learn ways to increase your trust in others
  • Acquire ten strategies for demonstrating trust in your employees
  • Identify twelve strategies for helping your staff trust you

Take action NOW to reduce your frustration, clear up your confusion, and step confidently into your manager shoes.

Purchase now for just $197.

Purchase Now -  PRICE: $197Sample Audio Now

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Sylvia has assisted me in my quest to change the culture of the very challenged organization that I took over in 2006. I was not seeing results as quickly as I would have liked, and for my agency to survive the HUGE challenges we had to move along that continuum faster. Sylvia assisted me with that process. Intangible results I received from working with her include: defining my areas strengths, identifying and managing my blind spots, and continuing to stretch my skills and interests.

--Terri Hamrick, Executive Director, Survivors Inc.