So you want to be a Coach, do you?

You love to help people. You care about their futures. You want to serve. All great things! And do you know how to run a real business?

I know so many Coaches who have rushed into the Coaching profession only to hit the brick wall of business realities in a very short period of time. Are you one of them?

Are you tired of all the surprises you run into in the business side of Coaching?

Take heart! With this book, Sylvia has unlocked so many of the mysteries of starting, and running, a Coaching business. With her Pitfalls to Avoid and Tips for the Future, she guides you through what can be a daunting maze of business stuff which most Coaches aren`t really excited about dealing with.

From web sites to business cards, Sylvia shares the secrets she learned on her journey as a Coach starting out. This book can save you money, heartache, and so much time- time that can be spent doing your magic as a Coach. Would you rather spend your time Coaching, or doing the boring business things? I thought so.

This book is a gift to so many well intentioned, people that are, or want to be, a Coach. You will be well served to absorb all of Sylvia`s hard earned wisdom. Her desire is to help you do things better, faster, cheaper, and more efficiently than she did. As a caring Coach, she is sharing her gifts with the Coaching community in hopes that more will succeed in this incredibly inspiring industry!

I wish you great success as you venture down the path of your Coaching journey- with No Surprises!

--A. Drayton Boylston, The Boylston Group

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"I have had the pleasure of working with Sylvia as a colleague in an executive management tier position. My assessment is that Sylvia's unique, value added effectiveness as a leader and communicator is her innate, genuine, deep respect for the diverse views and opinions of those she works with. Collaboration for Sylvia is simply not a convenient buzz word but the fundamental operating principle for action. Sylvia, I appreciated the opportunity to work with you and our colleagues on the challenging operational, organizational and advocacy issues we all faced. Your leadership in an anemic environment of confused and mistrusted "upper-level" directions empowered us to get real things done!"

--Larry Hochendoner, Founder and Partner, World Health Care Infrastructures